Monday, February 27, 2012

Elite DJ Services is an experienced DJ service that promises to make your event memorable. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. With over 10 years of DJ experience we strive to maintain integrity and credibility. Here is how we achieve our goals:

  • We have pre-event meetings to insure total satisfaction.
  • The DJ you meet with will be the DJ of your event.
  • We use top of the line equipment.
  • We have a library of over 35,000 songs for you to choose from.
  • We communicate with other vendors at the event to maintain smooth transitions.
  • We make the event about you, by fulfilling all of your needs.
  • We maintain a friendly and positive attitude.

Elite DJ Services is dedicated to you and your event and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your memory.

Tony DeLorenzo
Elite DJ Services

OFFERED SERVICES: Elite offers many services to help make your day the most memorable.

• Music for the entire ceremony
• Wireless microphone Reception:• Cocktail/Dinner music
• First dance music, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances as well
• Dance music for the entire night to make sure that you, your friends and family will have the best memories of your life
• Lighting
• Bubble machine* or any other requested accessory to make the night special
• We will do whatever you need us to do to make the memory last a lifetime


• M.C. for the entire evening
• Cocktail/ Dinner music
• Dance music for the remainder of the party
• We will do whatever you need us to do to make the party a success


• M.C. for the entire evening
• Music for the entire evening
• We will do whatever you need us to do to make the dance fun for everyone

If what you need was not listed please contact us and we can make it happen for you.


*What do I look for when selecting a DJ?
When looking for a DJ, always look for a person that is as excited about your event as you are. A great DJ will listen to you and communicate what will work best with all of your needs. The DJ should have experience and a full understanding on what makes the party flow. The DJ should also have a great attitude. Always make sure that the DJ you talk to is the DJ that does your event.

*Does the type of equipment really matter?
Absolutely! If a DJ is serious about being the best then they should invest in the best equipment. The DJ should be willing to communicate to you the importance of top of the line equipment. The better the sound is the better the experience is.

*What is a good amount to pay a DJ?
Although we will never tell you how much to spend, we will tell you what to look for when deciding what price to spend. Every decision we make is personal preference so ultimately it is up to you. Never spend the cheapest amount because the majority of the time you will get what you pay for. Most large companies charge less because they send out inexperienced DJ’s to DJ an event. Never spend the highest amount. Just because they charge a ton of money doesn't mean that they offer the best service. Never pay the balance before the event. The deposit should be made but wait until after your party to make sure you get what you are paying for. Most importantly do what feels best to you, this is your day.

*How far in advance should I book a DJ?
It is never to early to plan for your day. The earlier the better.

*Is it good to request more than one referral?
Yes! The more the merrier. A good DJ has satisfied customers. There is nothing wrong with reassuring your decision.

If you have a question please feel free to e-mail Elite DJ Services and we will answer it the best way we know how, with honesty.


Elite DJ Services offers flexibility and very competitive pricing. Better pricing is available for off-peak times and dates. We are very flexible and take your needs and wants into consideration. Please call for an exact quote for your time and day.